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Aug. 2nd, 2007 @ 09:27 am (no subject)
No Canobie lake park today. George got run over by a fat kid in a baseball game a few days ago and his upper stomach hurts him when he breaths in to much. I have no idea what the could mean or what I can do to help him.

That bridge that collapsed? 35W over the Mississippi River? Yea I have been on that.
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Jul. 31st, 2007 @ 10:15 pm (no subject)
Im bringing the kids I nanny to Canobie Lake Park Thursday. I wont tel you if I am looking foward to it until I have already gone and come back. I am assuming it will be as much fun as bringing 2 young teens to a park. As long as I get them back alive and not bleeding I have done my job.

Got to hang out with Katey and Josh. It was awesome! and they got to see me eat meat. and Katey and I got to annoy Josh. That never gets old.

Game Mogals boss still needs to call me. I guess I can do that tommorow.

I miss Krow.
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Jul. 26th, 2007 @ 05:54 pm (no subject)
Im so super cranky. My mother is insane. Just insane. We have the same conversation every other day about how I suck. And when I told her Krow might visit in August (supposed to make her happy) made her pissed off. She was all "well be prepared for when he makes up an excuse and tells you to go there". Well Ma i like it there better. Well Erin he always makes up excuses about why he cant come meet me. Well Ma he is working 12 hour days 7 days a week. Ma starts making WA WA WA violen motion thing. Yea ma, who wouldnt want to meet you?

Why the fuck do I come back here every year? Well if we are able to build the cabin I want I can put all my shit in there and only visit her once a year. One day we are best pals and the next she is super psyco bitch.

OMG i am trying to hard not to smoke but that woman makes me want to smoke drink poke my eyes out and speak in tounges. I went downstairs to put my whites in the laundry and wasnt even back up the stairs all the way yet and she started again. so i turned around and went back in the basement until she stopped talking.


I got to stand in the ocean today. I dont remember the last time I got to do that. I hate leaving the coast. Its like time stops when I am in water. Everything is better. Im going to need a bath tonight just so I dont attempt to bash my mom with an ironing board.
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Jul. 24th, 2007 @ 11:25 am (no subject)
I went to the bak this morning. On the way in a lady was on her way out. I got to the door a second first and stood back and held it open for her. She looked very surprised and thanked me graciously. There was a man behind her so I stood there waiting for him to pass. He opened his own door and said "Dont worry, everyone is polite". Im sad that people are surpised when you are polite. It shouldnt be a treat, it should be expected. And I was downright stunned that someone made a really wierd comment that I dont understand about politeness. He said it with a smile and was jolly about it so I dont know what it was supposed to mean.

Little towns or in the south you get a lot more manners. Or Vermont.
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Jul. 23rd, 2007 @ 10:08 pm (no subject)
I am back home again.

I had a great time. Got to spend hours and hours with Krow. Also got to meet new people, and hang out with some of my favorite olds ones i.e. Cat and Vandal.

I got some work too. Ended up making foam sword hilts. I made some decent cash and impressed the woman I was working for.

Saterday night we were out at target. I saw the Harry Potter book and it was only $17. The sale was lasting mere minutes so Krow bought it for me. I started reading that night till 2 in the morning, and by Sunday night was done with it. It was a good read.

Krow and I re-did our handfasting in a ceremony in our bed, just the 2 of us, drunk on wine sake and love. It was perfect.

Last weekened we went to the S.Connecticut faire. Saw Shane Bane and that other guy whoes name doesnt ryme. We also saw a buddy from AZ/LA. Its a small faire but its nice. Next year they should be on a hard sight. I met the owners who Krow is friendly with (got us in for free ooooo special). and Krow bought me a rose. When we first started getting together he bought me a red rose every weekend day for the almost the whole show. I think he didnt the first weekend and that was it. I was never too much into roses, but now they are very special to me.

Tommorow must:
Call the boss
Call Dr.Stewart
See about getting contact lenses
Go to the bank
Clean out the car
Tidy up room

I showered. it was awesome.
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Jul. 9th, 2007 @ 08:48 pm (no subject)
Tommorow I am off for New York for about a week and a half. I just went to NY the weekend before last to see Krow but it already feels like it was so long ago. Bought some sexy nightgowns for the occasion. That and I found working and living at faires people come knocking on your door sometimes before you are looking decent. I ussually look like a demon in the morning. I think my self confidence would be boosted to wear cute things to bed. I remember once when I had the short mohawk i put it in 3 little buns down the back of my head. But i did it when it was wet. I looked adorable, but when i took it out that night to go to bed it was HUGE curly mess. krow even was like....ew. Esspecially when i was like TOUCH IT arnt i sexy??? Then when i slept on it....holy shit.

Friday the 13th will mark one year that we have been engaged. isnt that fitting for us?

Ma bought me a new dress today! its hot. thats hot. your hot. im hot.

shit. i wanted to go to the library to get a couple books for while im there. then again i have no idea where my library card is. maybe Ma will have one. I dont ussually like Missys books. Dragon Sword Wing Fire Journey Destiny part 3. ;-)

By the way krow honey, Im bringing an entire suitcase of shoes.
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Jul. 6th, 2007 @ 04:25 pm wait! come back! let me tell you WHY your stupid!
Nothing like crying your eyes out on the phone with your best friend because your Dr.s office is ran by Nazis and your pmsing and your pretty sure your going to columbine the dr.s office because people that stupid and mean shouldnt live. Turns out liz, her mom, missy, and myself have all had terrible experiences with this office. so i think all of us should wright letters about what happened and send them to the office, and to some board of stop-idiot-doctors-and-secretaries-foundation. Tommorow Im calling my primiary doctor to help me find a new gyno. and i have no shame telling them how bad the other office is and to make sure non of thier patients go there.

I have 2 weeks off. most time will be spent with the most handsome loving wonderful funny charming huge cocked man i have ever met. hope my husband doesnt find out. HA. see what i did there? i was talking about krow, but then joked it wasnt krow....ya. i hope you got it.
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Jul. 2nd, 2007 @ 04:15 pm (no subject)
I went to see Krow Friday and just got back today. We spent Friday and Saterday night at his parents house, and Sunday night at the Tux Faire sight.

Im really not sure I made the right decision being back here. The Tux sight is beautiful, but I was so adament about doing Boston. And from what I can tell, not too many people give a shit if I do Boston or not. I know like 5 people care. But not enough to be bothered if Im not there.

Im thinking a lot of what the right place for me to be is. Money, timing, jobs, and love is all rotating around 1 decision. Of course I would love to be with Krow, but I have a LOT of things I would have to fix up first. Not to mention Im not sure if Im ready to be back in the woods. I was just starting to get comfy.

If it really doesnt work the idea is for me to do my show and go up on weekdays to see him. I would do that only if I could get some work. Cuz it costs about 80$ in gas to get there and back.

I dunno. We will see.
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Jun. 26th, 2007 @ 09:41 pm (no subject)
Nicole rocks my life! My myspace default is now me with the finished hawk up and trimmed and Im chain smoking. I also have a great pic of her in a helmet and spencer in a dryer. Got batteries today so Gouls Gone Wild pictures will be here soon! She also saved me because I realized I didnt save Vandals number, and Krow is with him. They were waiting for me to call. Vandal never saved my number either. It was just one of thoes things where we both had been flipping though calls and would regognize each others number when we wanted to talk and finally didnt talk long enough that it went out of the log. But turns out he had my number it was just under Krow.

Friday Im going to New York to see Krow. Saterday we will probably drive the hour to his parents house. Sunday go back to site. Monday I have off work so I can stay for coffee and then head out.

I still havnt really unloaded my trunk. But now it would be stupid too cuz its mostly camping gear, and I should bring it to Krow. I got the important things out. My sword, shoes and clothes.

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Jun. 24th, 2007 @ 11:53 am (no subject)
Last night liz and i went to the British Beer Company in Norwood. It was a pretty cool place. But I struck out. The only guy who talked to me was from Alabama, looked like Larry the cable guy, and smelled like Pinesol. And was a dickhead. I was in the middle of saying something (because I was being polite and not ignoring him) and he inturupted me mid word to tell me he was a red sox fan. and you know what i got out of that? "im too ignorant to follow what you are saying, and i really dont care because you arnt flirting with me, so Im going to talk over you, you insignificant woman". yea fuck you buddy.

In other news, I hate computers. I like lj, myspace, and my mail. THATS IT. I tried to mapquest and google the same thing, cuz i am visiting krow soon. All these crazy different results, when I could see on the map there were easier ways that didnt involve 57 tolls.

One time i went to maryland and got soooo lost thanks to google. i could have stayed on 95 forever but noooo they have you try to go on all these crazy routes that havnt even been called whatever they are saying for YEARS.

Basically, computers make me act like an angry monkey.
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